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Why Choose Cloud Disaster Recoveryover Traditional Models?

  • Incur more infrastructure expense
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of customer base
  • Breach of regulatory obligations
  • Open to claims from stakeholders
  • Business interruption insurance void

We Deliver The Following

  • ComprehensiveDisaster Recovery solution spanning across Consulting through Implementation till Management
  • Software-defined data center to store business critical data
  • Flexible plans powered by flexible outcomes rendering OPEX & CAPEX model
  • On-demand Disaster Recovery
  • Pre-defined SLA guards Managed Disaster Recovery or Failover or Failback services
  • Tool-based Disaster Recovery management powered by redundant hardware network & storage options
  • Data backup options available on NAS, SAN, Tape Drives & Mirrored disks
Our Disaster Recovery Approach
  • Discovery of vulnerability for your business
  • Examination of risk levels from the vulnerabilities found
  • Development of mitigation strategy to identify potential risks
  • Creation of robust business plan to ensure business steadiness
  • Formation of a step-by-step planfordevising test procedures
  • Analysis of results of the test performed
  • Implementation of pre-planned strategies

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