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Critical Scalability with Public Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting comprises of many wings and amidst them, the public cloud model is the most prominent one. Beneath this arm, cloud services are delivered in a virtualised environment. This environment is basically raised out of shared physical resources that are pooled in from various ends. Such Cloud hosting services are easily accessible over a public network (for example over the internet).

Indian cloud hosting providers design the service on the basis of price. Some even disintegrate their public cloud offering into tiny compute modules. This is to enable users to optimize all coding needs around a cost. Similarly, businesses can make use of such public cloud hosting services for high scalability and also reap the benefits of the following advantages.

  • A highly attractive benefit of public Cloud hosting services is that one can pay for it on a per hour basis.
  • API access – Major Cloud hosting providers also offer APIs. So users can in reality programmatically boot as well as servers through API access, as per their needs. Many a times, this option turns out to be truly beneficial for systems so that they can activate a huge number of servers. These might as well include research and test environment servers.
  • Organize online – All components of a public cloud can be paid for online. Additionally, these can be designed and systematized spontaneously on a provider's web site.

Mostly software development & test environments, web servers as well as compute research applications are perfect for public cloud hosting. Hence it is critical that the right cloud hosting architecture is selected for an application. Only then the business can take advantage of cloud computing delivered by the hosting provider.

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