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Highly Reliable, Resilient, and End-to-End Cloud Back-Up Solutions for Data Protection

What is Cloud Backup

Cloud backup solutions enable businesses to store their data and information on a remotely located cloud server. To restore or update a file on cloud, a user needs to a web interface or hire a service provider.The files stored on the Internet can be accessed from multipleconnected and distributedresources. Cloud back up storage is a secured environment wherein a user can regularly back-up its files on the cloud to keep its files safe and secured.

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Backup Services?

Cloudongo deploys SAN for housing back-up images for the customers, who choose to use this option. Our cloud hosting is effectively designed to ensure absolute protection and redundancy against downtime or data loss.Cloud Backup is highly important option for the businesses to safeguard their critical business files or applications against any file loss or system failure.

The other advantages include:

  • Secured Off-SiteCloud Backup:
    By using online back-up services, you can create back-up files on cloud. This ensures that your important files and information are protected from any computer theft, fire, flood, or any other disruptive event.
  • Access Data Anytime and Anywhere:
    Best cloud backup solutions allow users to have a safe access to their important files from anywhere at any point of time. With simple web connectivity, your information is readily available from any device.
  • Regular Backup:
    Cloud server is a continuous, fast, and comprehensive data backup solution that addresses data protection issue by storing the sensitive business information at an off-site location. Moreover, it is a free online storage through which your data is automatically stored and regularly updated.
  • Affordable:
    It is an affordable solution that does not require you to incur huge capital expenditure. Call us now at toll Free no: 18002122022 to know more about our Cloud Backup Plans.
Cloud Backup Pricing
Get secured backup on our Cloud and pay per month, per GB.
Price Per GB
INR 5/GB/Month

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