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Speed up the delivery of your content with low latency and high transfer speeds

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cluster of network servers deployed in various data centers across the Internet. The major objective of CDN is to facilitate easy dissemination of static content to the end users, which improvises user response time.

Cloudongo.com is one of the leading content delivery network providers that ensure fastest delivery of content, including video files and audio files. It helps in mitigating network congestions, packet loss, and jitter, which evidently improves the accessibility of the data.

Features of our Cloud CDN Services

  • Easy Customization – Cloudongo.com CDN services allow users to customize as per their requirements. Also, itallowschoosing desired location from our POP's list, which enables quick delivery of content.
  • High Accessibility – Cloud CDN ensures high availability of your content to your respective users, irrespective of the geographic location. CDN stores original copies of your most visited pages, videos, and audios etc. and makes it accessible globally.
  • Saves Cost – All the information, regarding uptime, ratings, and costs are available through user-friendly CDN control panel, which further helps in optimizing CDN costs. Our self-managed portal with API support swiftly helps in configuring CDN setup through CP and Dashboard.

How Our Cloud CDN Works?

CDN servers keeps cached versions of static content and distributes it to different locations, and the requested data or file is delivered to the end user from the fastest edge server based on the on proximity of the user.

  • When a user visits your website and requests files
  • The made request gets automatically directed to the nearest DNS server
  • DNS Servers resolve the URL and changes it into IP address
  • The closest edge CDN server delivers a cached copy to the user.

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