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Configure and Deploy True Hybrid Environment for your Business Specific Needs in Minutes

Hybrid cloud is an ultimate combination of public and private cloud computing models. Hybrid cloud model allow businesses to leverage the power of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing. You can easily scale up your applications to respond to the changing business demands.

We're a leading hybrid cloud hosting provider, offering outclass hybrid cloud hosting services that allows businesses to seamlessly connect public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated hardware in no time. You can deploy and choose the speed your business-critical applications require.

Public Cloud provides pay-per-use computing and higher scalability options to handle demand peaks.

Private Cloud provides better control, enhanced security and compliance requirements.

Dedicated Servers provides private computing, and storage for unmatched performance and reliable.

Why Your Business Needs Hybrid Cloud Solution in India

Hybrid cloud hosting environment offers scalability, seamless portability, and augments overall business performance. It allows businesses to evenly distribute the workload over a hybrid cloud, keeping each aspect of your business in the most efficient environment.

  • Greater Security
    Hybrid cloud allows organizations to keep their mission-critical data and information on premise behind the firewall, and the data and information with less security concerns on public cloud.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    Hybrid cloud hosting help businesses to explore various operational avenues, and allow them to meet unexpected surges in workload or at recurring times of peak usage. Also, it allows using various cloud delivery solutions for specific applications.
  • Cost-efficiency
    As hybrid cloud is configured to utilize both public and private clouds, it allows businesses to access economies of scale without exposing business-critical data to vulnerabilities.

Since every business and their objectives are unique, Cloudongo.com well-certified professionals works closely with business associates to comprehend and architect an efficient and reliable custom solution.

Call us now to plan, architect, and deploy a robust Hybrid Cloud hosting solution in India for your business.

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