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Highly Secured, Accessible and Flexible Cloud Storage Solutions at Economical Prices

What is Cloud storage India?

It is an online storage of data or information on cloud, wherein a company is able to store and access files from multiple connected and distributed resources. Cloud storage providers facilitate businesses to benefit from greater accessibility, fast deployment, as well as strong data archival and backup at reasonable costs without worrying about compliance and security concerns.

Key Features of Our Cloud Storage India Solutions:

  • Index & Search Integration:- You can easily access your important files and information in real-time.
  • Storage Congregation Globally:- Our best cloud storage networks are linked via private arrangements worldwide to offer you secure data transfer and cloning.
  • High Accessibility:- With self mitigating capabilities, you can access data even during disruptive events.
  • Data Dissemination:- Our robust read & write attributes gives user the capability to separate content directly from CDN or through the online storage systems.

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Storage in India?

Cloudongo is one of the leading cloud storage providers worldwide. With our networked online storage solutions, you benefit from:

  • Secured Transactions:
    Cloud storage is globally recognized as one of the trusted platform for your sensitive and critical business transactions. The best cloud storage solutions allow you to store your private files in a more dedicated and safe environment.
  • Automation:
    By using the best cloud storage solution, you can automate the data upload and backup process by simple selecting the files you want to upload on the web.
  • Accessibility:
    Another important benefit of online backup is that you can easily access the information from any device, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and netbooks; and easily toggle between files from anywhere.
  • Data Synch:
    This ensures that your database is automatically updated across all the devices. In this way, you can access the latest saved file on your computer from your smartphone.
  • Data Recovery:
    By storing your data virtually, you can have backups of your mission critical information even in the advent of disruptive events.

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Cloud Hosting Pricing
Cloud Storage Pricing
  • 0-5 TB
    INR 7.5/GB/Mo
  • 6-25 TB
    INR 7.00/GB/Mo
  • 26-50 TB
    INR 6.5/GB/Mo
  • 51-100 TB
    INR 6.00/GB/Mo
  • 101-500 TB
    INR 5.5/GB/Mo
  • 501-1000 TB
    INR 5.00/GB/Mo

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