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Performance Driven and Easy to Manage Load Balancers to Administer Traffic Spikes

What is Load Balancing?

It is a networking solution that efficiently distributes incoming workload or HTTPS requests from multiple computing resources including computer, network links, hard disk drives or CPUs. By balancing these server requests, load balancing prevents application failure, which in turn, improves application availability as well as responsiveness.

Why Your Business Needs Load Balancing?

Load balancers maximize website availability by improving server utilization. It is one of the best ways to scale-out a company's server infrastructure. It is highly suitable for businesses that provide:

  • Software as a Service or SaaS
  • Critical business systems, such as medical applications, social communities, documentation management system, and corporate portals or intranet
  • Experiencing unpredictable website traffic spikes

Key features of our Load Balancing service include:

  • Easy-to-setup and manage
  • High throughput with concurrent connections
  • Redundant load balancers ensuring high availability
  • Efficiently manage high traffic volumes


We charge on hourly basis for each load balancers

INR 1.3/Hr.|INR 1000/Mo.


Our next generation software-defined architecture is highly scalable and efficiently manages your dynamic traffic load. The load balancing network is designed to build fault tolerance to evenly distribute resources across data center facilities.


Serious downtimes can significantly affect your business. With load balancing, you can efficiently manage your traffic spikes by routing your website traffic across cloud nodes.

Easy Scaling

Cloudongo helps you easily scale-up or down nodes matching your business requirements.

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